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Civil Rights
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On what basis have your civil rights been violated?

The United States Constitution is one of the greatest legal documents ever written. It grants every citizen certain unalienable rights, arising from God or nature, and unequivocally protects those rights should they be violated. If you believe your rights have been infringed upon, you may want to contact a civil rights attorney to explore all of your options.

What Protections Do Civil Rights Laws Provide?

Civil rights are enforceable rights and protections that ensure people are treated equally and fairly. They prohibit discrimination in a number of settings, including education, employment, housing, lending, voting, and more. Here are some examples of the types protections they provide:

  • ensure members of the public are treated equally, regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity or other traits
  • safeguard the American people from unfair and illegal intrusion from government and from unlawful police conduct
  • make sure justice is served and arbitrary decisions are not made by local, state, and federal administrators
  • prevent the circumvention of due process if a person is having their property or life taken away

The majority of top rated lawyers who battle these issues in court are focused on ensuring those who’ve had their civil liberties violated are provided with adequate monetary compensation for the cost to their well-being.

What Constitutes a Violation of Civil Rights?

Law firms that specialize in civil rights issues help people who need to have their interests protected from the violation of their legal rights.

Violations include:

  • threats to the right of an organization to gather or assemble
  • an infringement on one’s freedom of religion or speech
  • failure to uphold the legally guaranteed tenants of due process
  • It is also unlawful to discriminate against certain people. Actionable discrimination occurs when a member of a protected class (including national origin, race, religion, and sex or gender) is treated differently.

These claims may be brought against the federal government, state government, organizations or in certain circumstances, an individual. A top civil rights attorney will often focus on a particular type of civil rights violation; it is actually quite common to find experts who specialize in certain areas like equal rights, women’s rights, and police brutality.

What Are the Common Types of Cases?

Many civil rights, such as the the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, are explicitly granted by the U.S. Constitution. Other rights have been enacted by Congress or state legislatures, such as the right to be free from discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and national origin. Here are some of the most common types of civil rights cases in the United States today.


The Civil Rights Act, established in 1964, was created to protect U.S. citizens against many different forms of discrimination, the most familiar of which are discrimination by race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin and disability. If you believe your legal rights were violated due to discriminatory practices, you deserve justice and owe it to yourself to get in touch with a good attorney near you.

Discriminating based on race and gender

Police Misconduct

In many instances, a civil rights lawsuit will involve misconduct on the part of a representative of law enforcement. Some of the claims that are frequently brought against law enforcement agents include illegal search and seizure, excessive police brutality or force, and unjustified police shootings. Depending on the situation, these suits might be directed against an entire police department, an individual officer, or some combination of the two. These lawsuits can be incredibly complicated and may involve a high-profile situation, depending on the media coverage of the issue. In emotional legal lawsuits like this, it is of paramount importance to find competent, capable, and experienced legal representation.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Many notable cases arise out of claims based on the eighth amendment. The eighth amendment protects citizens from receiving cruel and unusual punishment, and it often comes into play when the case involves mistreatment while in prison. The simple fact of the matter is, with more than 2 million people in jail or prison in the United States, inhumane conditions are unfortunately quite common. As more and more people become inmates in prison, the possible occurrence of poor living conditions that violate one’s legal rights become more likely. And unfortunately, the likelihood a person’s legal rights under the eighth amendment will be violated in prison increases for people with mental illness or disability and for black, African American, and other people of color.

Right to Bear Arms

In the United States, the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the people of our country the right to bear arms. However, broad interpretations of this provision have lead to much controversy in recent years. More and more regulations on gun ownership being put in place, as politicians seek to do something about the recent uptick in mass shootings. Despite this, gun ownership is a right that needs to be protected for law-abiding citizens. If you feel like your second amendment rights have been violated, you may want to contact a local attorney who specializes in these types of cases.

2nd Amendment Help

First Amendment and Freedom of Speech

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives American citizens some of the most basic and fundamental rights as a human being – the right to freely express one’s beliefs without penalty or harm. A First Amendment lawyer focuses on the laws, regulations, and legal claims that interfere with these rights. First Amendment litigation encompasses a vast collection of claims relating to freedom of speech, the right to petition, and freedom of religion.

consequences of looking for information and speaking your mind

How Much Does a Civil Rights Lawyer Cost?

The amount that a civil rights attorney will charge varies based on the individual lawyer or law firm. In some instances, a lawyer will charge on a contingency basis. With a contingency payment, the client pays the attorney a percentage of damages awarded after that money is paid out. In instances of contingency, the lawyer will represent that client at no cost until after their claim has been decided in court. In other words, your representation will be free unless you win. In other instances, the attorney may simply charge hourly rates and fees for their services. During your initial consultation, it’s important to ask them questions about how much it will cost to represent you in the matter. You want to ensure that their services are affordable and reasonably-priced before you decide to move forward.

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How Quickly Can a Civil Rights Case Be Resolved?

If you’ve decided that you need an attorney, be aware that a quick resolution is unlikely. You may be working closely with your civil rights lawyer for an extended period of time, as it can take quite a lot to meet the standards required to demonstrate the existence of a claim. An even greater effort is required to successfully show that the plaintiff incurred harm that must be set right by monetary damages. Thus, it is recommended to consult with an experienced attorney who specializes in the type of claim you will file in court.

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How to Choose the Best Lawyer Near You

Especially in complex litigation, like a civil rights lawsuit, it is extremely important to do your research before you hire an attorney. When choosing representation, be sure to evaluate an attorney’s professional experience by looking up the types of cases they handle, asking about prior results, and reading reviews online. Although the prior results obtained are not always indicative of how the lawyer will perform at trial, they can help you make a more educated decision about who to hire. You deserve to be compensated for any violation of your civil rights, and the first step toward that goal is contacting a top rated civil rights lawyer.

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